• Raise Your Comfort Level With YORK’s Newest HVAC Products

    As your local HVAC contractor in St. Louis, MO, Environmental Heating and Cooling is aware of the changing demands of home and business owners as years pass by. Greater comfort, more savings, eco-friendly choices – these are a few of the many factors that people are particular about. Good thing, if you are along our service area, we have the advanced units for your unique needs. Check out these newest YORK products which guarantee cleaner operations for the environment and better comfort and savings for you! Affinity™ Series Reward yourself with these advanced heating and cooling units and level up your comfort and savings ... Read More

  • 3 Things That Are Not on Your Holiday Wish List but Probably Should Be

    Many homeowners would include a brand new phone, TV set or tablet on their Holiday wish list. But have you tried thinking of a more salient gift this season? Check out these 3 important gifts a typical homeowner in St. Louis, may receive aside from the crowd-pleasing tech gifs. Programmable or Smart Thermostat Are you still using an old, manually operated thermostat? Now’s probably the time for an upgrade. This simple yet very important component of your heating and cooling system should be given proper attention, especially now that the cold season has finally arrived. Without the programming functionality in your thermostat, you cou... Read More

  • How Important Is Good Ventilation In Your St. Louis, MO Home?

    Air quality is a crucial factor in keeping comfort and well-being inside your home. Aside from air purifiers and regular HVAC maintenance, another way to maintain a healthy indoor air quality is securing proper ventilation. What does a good ventilation system offer? Read on and find out. Good ventilation reduces condensation issues. During the cold season, there is a greater difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature that is why condensation is prevalent. When the heating unit is turned off, an excess amount of moisture forms which causes droplets of water. Your home may become too damp if condensation is left to develop o... Read More

  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Air Humidifiers

    Do you experience dry and itchy skin, sore throat, irritated eyes and chapped lips in the cold season? These are the effects of extremely low humidity levels inside your home. While putting plants inside and using lotions as added moisturizers can help lessen the damages, you can use a humidifier as a more effective solution to combat dry indoor air. Humidifiers are proven effective in maintaining the right amount of moisture inside the home. However, there are also known problems that come along with its use. Here are some of the things you need to learn about using humidifiers: Benefits of Humidifiers Improved Health Humidifie... Read More

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