• 8 Big Mistakes You’re Making With Your Air Conditioner

    Whatever brand or type of air conditioner you have at home, it is necessary to handle it with proper care and maintenance. Failure to do so can create severe issues with your unit. Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware of the common mistakes that they are doing to their A/C systems.  And they possibly have no idea what the effects could be. Here are eight (8) mistakes you are probably making with your A/C unit right now. Setting the Thermostat Too Low Want to cut up to 5% on your A/C bill? It is very simple. Just set your thermostat somewhere between 72 degrees and 78 degrees. Most homeowners make mistakes in setting the... Read More

  • Why You Should Hire Professional Technicians To Fix Your Broken AC

    If you are a big fan of do-it-yourself repair projects in Crestwood, Missouri, it is time to shift your perspective and hire professionals to do the work. This summer, your air conditioning unit becomes the most significant appliance at home. When it fails or breakdown, chances are you thought of trying to fix it yourself rather than seeking help from professionals. You might think that DIY fixes can save you a lot of repair costs. However, it is still best to hire professional A/C technicians. Here are reasons why you should leave the job to the experts. Safety What makes a professional repair service an excellent choice? Expe... Read More

  • 5 Useful A/C Energy Saving Tips for Small Businesses This Summer

    This hot season, businesses have to pay attention to their cooling systems to avoid costly A/C failure and breakdown. Remember, even the slightest dip of warm weather can have a serious impact on employees’ performance and efficiency. Your commercial A/C units have to run flawlessly as much as possible especially during summer. Run your commercial air conditioning unit all day long while getting significant energy savings with these tips. 1.       Invest in Energy Audit How does an energy audit offer extra savings on cooling costs? It helps you identify the precise baseline energy usage on a monthly basis. Energy audits also prov... Read More

  • Indoor Air Pollutants and Their Impact to Human Health

    Since then, securing quality indoor air has been a major concern of many environmental institutes and agencies worldwide. Based on studies, more than 70% of homeowners in the US experience the symptoms of low IAQ (indoor air quality) such as dry eyes, headaches, skin rashes and other serious diseases. The effects of these indoor air pollutants can be short-term or long-term depending on the severity of their impact on human health. Find out the effects of indoor air pollutants on your health by reading this! Radon One of the common air pollutants at home is radon. Two of its main sources are rock/soil deposits and other buildin... Read More

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